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Andy and Elanor McNamara, your Otter’s Tail guides, have been working in the Outdoor education industry for over 20 years. Both are fully qualified to take you on an Otter’s Tail Arran adventure, and look forward to meeting you.

Sea Kayaking
It’s hard to beat a day exploring Arran’s coast by sea kayak. You get to look at the island from a new angle, and bird and wildlife are less disturbed. Participants frequently see seals, otters, dolphin and porpoise, and occasionally basking sharks. At Otter’s Tail they have a fleet of Scorpio sea kayaks in various sizes. These are great all-rounder, versatile boats, suitable for both beginners and advanced sea paddlers. They allow for good speed without compromising on stability. Otter’s Tail is based at Lamlash pier, the perfect location for launching.

Arran’s hills may be comparatively small, but don’t let that deceive you. They are some of the best jaggedy wee hills in Scotland, with classic ridges joining them together, letting you explore the Island from up high. Otter’s Tail specialises in these more scrambly walks that you might have always wanted to try but weren’t quite sure about tackling.

Gorge Walks
Gorge walking is just immensely fun. You will be fitted with a full wetsuit, a helmet and a buoyancy aid, and then scramble up the river together, challenging yourselves along the way where you come across natural water slides, waterfalls and plunge pools.

Otter’s Tail
Andy and Elanor McNamara
Telephone: 01770 700590 (landline)
Find more information on their website: Otter’s Tail or on Facebook.

Lucy & Wally Wallace

Arran Wild Walks. Mountain walks and Wildlife Watching

Discover the breathtaking mountains, moors and coastline of Arran with a qualified Mountain Leader. Walking on Arran is the best way to experience the beauty of Arran’s scenery and magnificent wildlife. See charismatic animals such as otters, golden eagles and red deer in their natural habitat.

Incredible Mountain Walking
Winter or summer, the mountains of Arran are some of the most dramatic and serious to be found anywhere in Scotland. Lucy and Wally Wallace are experienced and qualified Mountain Leaders who can help you explore Arran’s peaks with confidence.
Hire a guide from £50 per day.

Iconic Wildlife Watching
Watch otters, seals and golden eagles with Lucy Wallace, an experiencd wildlife guide who will take you to some of her favourite wildlife watching locations or Arran.
Arran boasts some of the most beautiful and enigmatic species in Britain and wildlife watching here is incredibly rewarding. Book a half day Otter Discovery Trail or a full day excursion tailored to you. From £30 for a half day.

Seal-SunbathingNavigation workshops
Brush up on your hillwalking and navigation skills with a tailor made course on the beautiful Isle of Arran.
One and two day workshops can be designed to suit your skill level and experience. Alternatively, you can join a great value scheduled beginners or improvers weekend workshop.

Lucy & Wally Wallace
Telephone: 01770 601339 (landline) or 07825 644161 (mobile)
Find more information on their website: Wild Walks on Arran
Or follow them on Facebook or Twitter